Sunday, October 16, 2016

The blabber of a turbulent Soul

O’ Lord, with boundless grace
Emperor of seven hills
the one with the captivating smile
Glory to you.
I, your subject
Circumambulate you with divine devotion.
O’ cowherd, Krishna
The one who held aloft the mountain
Glory to you.
All my life
I’ve seen you stand
In the sanctum-sanctorum, caged
In gold and diamond ornaments,
Obvious, you seem to relish such glory.
O’ divine, amongst all this opulence
Fades, the wail of my soul
I am choked
Uplift this fallen soul.
O’ lotus-eyed, descend into my heart
Let me coil you, to choke you
with my sorrows
Tell me, were you able to smile?
Copyright: Ajay Pai 2016
Image courtesy: AJ's personal archives