Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Little AJ & Lil Ishaan

In the Dad's land,
In the Home-Of-Hearts,
Lived little AJ.

Chubby cheeks
And round eyes
With over-sized ears
Made Little AJ adorable.

Little AJ loved chocolates
And cakes.

Chuk! Chook! Chew! Gulp!
He  hogged cakes
Sharing with None.

One fine noon
Exactly at 2.19 pm
The magical wand
Swished, and arrived
Lil Ishaan.

Cute Lil nose
Tiny fingers
Baby pink lips
And a toothless smile
Made Lil Ishaan
The Prince-of-hearts.

Little Ishaan is
pampered by all and
naughtiness beamed
through his Smile.

Once Aunt Cadbury
Visits Home-Of-Hearts
With a bagful of choco pastries

Little AJ, went hopping
for a spoon in the kitchen.
He came back to see
Lil Ishaan smiling,
with a Chocolatey Burp
and with  pastries smudged
all over his face and nose.


Little Aj felt dejected,
as pastries were
emptied up by
Lil Ishaan.

Little AJ's heart broke 
and he left with his shoulder low.

Noticing this, Lil Ishaan
came running to Little AJ.
Gives Little AJ, a tight hug and a Yummy Kiss.
This gesture tasted and felt awesome than 
the Pastry.

Little AJ now smiles and makes merry.

Image Courtesy: Google