Friday, August 4, 2017

No Man's land

Here I stand tall facing you, Naked
This isn’t a feast for your lustful eyes.
Yes, I have the bulges at the right place
chiseled muscles - maybe
Indeed, my bare chest is bushy
And, I have spiraled pubes down there
Do you see my man thighs that are pale?
My limp manhood?
Do I make you cringe?
Does me being malodorous suffocate your nostril??
This shapeless ass of mine, does it offend you?
O, is that my tanned skin which makes you drool
Or, is it my stubble?

I am vulnerable, yet I am strong
Alas, we both have no choice
I am a male by birth
And, I have no womb
This is how I was born.

But in here, in the no-man’s land
It is a sin
It is a sin
It is a sin to be born with no womb

The curse has come upon us
From now on, O’ son of Adam
You will be deprived of your own lineage
You will remain an outcast from your own clan
as, you are merely a sperm donor.

Copyright @Ajay Pai 2017