Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Prayer of vengeance to Mother Saraswati

How elegant is that sight,
of you seated majestically
on a white swan
in the sanctum-sanctorum
draped in white, in compassion?
Your curls, truly symbolize the clouds.

Oh, Mother! you, they say
is truly the Queen of  Verses.

Then, why do you behave
as an uninformed?
Read, the soul which wails.

Oh, Mother, the fearless, shun the White,
 don the Red, Once and for all;
Stage the dance of destruction
Let those reverberations reach them tonight.

Spread open your third eye
Unleash the fire to turn them to ashes
Help this unfortunate, to end their Music.

In such ashes, is what I wish
to hold his little palm, help him write
the first letters of his life – “Pa”.
Won’t you bless us?

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2016
Image Courtesy: AJ's personal archives

PS:  It is believed that Saraswati Vandana ends the darkness and brings in the Sunshine in one's life. Trust, this Navratri, ends the darkness in Ishaan's life and bring him bountiful Sunshine. May, goddess bless him. #IshaanAPai