Sunday, February 19, 2017

या अल्लाह अर-रहीम 
कितने सजदे 
किये तेरे दर पे 
इस नजिस ने!

आँसू रुकते नहीं 
काँप उठती  है रूह 
सैलाब बनके फ़ैलती है
उसकी याद!

अब नूर-ए -रहम फरमा 
आगोश में ले तेरे!

मेरा  ज़मीर मेरा वजूद
तेरा है मौताज
रौनक बक्श दे अब
जनाज़ा उठने से पहले मेरा!

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image courtesy: Pexels

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ah! Krishna
The color of your skin is so scandalous
It has disgraced me, O divine

O the unborn,
I cuss myself for having loved your skin
The dusky skin of yours,
which is abused as black.

Ha, this searing pain
O, slayer of Kamsa
which separates you from me,
equates me to Yashoda

O the colored one,
Is this your way to grant me, absolution?
Instead, come to me
While I breathe.

O the lord of love, Madana
You have forever kept me
bereft of your love

O Narayana, the refuge of every being
Embrace my soul
Liberate me from this disgrace,
Allow me to fuse into you, O lotus eyed.

It is this skin of  yours, O Shyam
My scandalous Lord
that has disgraced me! 
O divine,
O divine.

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image courtesy: Not Mine

Monday, February 13, 2017

Let me show you the light
That’ll light up your night
Let me show you the light
That’ll brighten your smile
Let me show you the light
That’ll bring you joy

And, here it is, my little one
The light that I’d promised
The light that'll kindle your heart
It is nothing, but
The love of your dad
Whom, you recall now
only as a friend.

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

     I’ve been loitering in this dubious realm
 for you since ages, Krishna
This lactating heart of mine yearns for you;
Adorning the anklets, won’t you come running
into my arms?
The tinkling anklets and your giggles, brightens my little world
And then,
I feel a strong urge to dance among the dusky clouds
embracing you.

But today, as we dance on the clouds
The rains do not drench us
Depriving us from each other’s love
Why do you suffocate me, your father, thus?
Is having no womb such a sin?

Ishaan, my Krishna, how do I narrate
My love for  you?

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Images: AJ's photo gallery.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

  जकड के ले चला हूँ 
आज  में उस लम्हे को, ग़ालिब
वहाँ,  जहां से शुरू हुआ था ये सिलसिला

पर जब  पहुंचा वहाँ तो समझा
की धुँधला गया था मेरा  कल
और आज गुज़र गया है कल की याद में
जकड़ा हुआ वो  लम्हा गायब हुआ हथैली में  से ऐसे
की बन के रह गया है आज वो सिर्फ एक नज़्म !

अब बरसात के उन दिनों में
जब अकेलापन तड़पाता है
तो किताब खोल के पढ़ लेता  हूँ
उस नज़्म को एक बार
और हंस लेता हूँ अपने फूटे करम पर !

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I am a widower, they say
My sufferings had no pathos
as my smile had masked my sorrow
I am a widower, of a different kind

During the nuptial night
Love, you’ve trampled me
Your kiss on my lips bruised us
And, I remain a virgin until this time

Oh, this dark night brings
At my door steps those moments
That brought a rainbow on my sky
Which I thought was mine too

But now, I have no rainbows
Nor the clouds and the sky
The colors have now faded
For, I am a widower of a different kind.

Copyright @Ajay Pai 2017
Image Courtesy : AJ's personal archive

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Every now and then when my heart flutters
I feel a chill that shudders

With the red roses in my garden
Here I stand wanting to blush again

When one falls in love all over again
How does one know that it isn’t a bane?

Let me fall in love
Let me rise in love
All over again
As if there is no tomorrow, ever again…

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image courtesy: AJ's personal archive