Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Reason - I love color Black

Aah, The Color Black!
Sentimentally bad
for a few.

Naah, Don’t typecast,
I ain’t a racist.

I am in love
with the color black,
and, the tanned.

You may  ponder, Why?
You look for reasons.

 Mr. Moon
with his shimmer
turns the dark sky

So, is Mr. Moon the reason?

Or, is it the
twinkling stars?

When in Dark
One learns
To overcome!

So, ability to overcome,
the reason?

I figure out.

 Black, ain't sad!

Black is colorful,
It is poetic!

Dark Black hair,
Color of  youth.

Black depicts, silence.
Silence, most often
the solution.

The Tanned,
The black
I love.

 My lil one,
My bundle of joy,
My lil Ishaan,
My Krishna,
Is tanned and dusky.

 He radiates love

Above all,
He has bestowed upon
The title

Aah, now do  you 
 get the reason 

 © 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved) 

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