Saturday, November 1, 2014

!! The KICK !!

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

This incident dates a few months back.

The sky was unusually very bright with the Moon smiling, the stars twinkling and  winking naughtily at the Pai family.

Oblivious of these naughty acts by the mother nature, the Pai family were deep asleep as usual. The awesome weather of Bangalore adds up  a couple of hours to the otherwise usual 6 hours of hibernation.

The cosiness & warmth of the King Size bed (Whoa!! Awesome!) and the Kurl-On bed makes the bedtime enjoyable. [Winks]

The clock would have ticked 12AM, and Mrs. Pai started murmuring.         "Oh! Don't push honey. Stop it. Let me sleep. Am tired."

Startled by these words, Mr. Pai, jumped out of his sleep and muttered:

"Aye, Gurl! Watch out what you are saying." (Embarrassed, he looked around to ensure that no one was around to hear what she said.) 

"Crazy lady! You are dreaming and the parents are next door. The Senior citizens rarely sleep at nights. So, watch out when you say all this loud, people could misunderstand."

( With a naughty smile Mr. Pai lit the torch on her face). 

He was surprised!  Mrs.Pai had her eyes closed  and was talking in her sleep.

(Hehehe! She's possessed!)

As he stared at her in the dim light of the torch, Mrs. Pai literally jumped out of her blanket and screamed out of joy     "Yes, Yea Honey - He Kicked."

Shell-shocked, Mr. Pai was thrown to the corner of the bed. He squirmed as if he saw a demon. He couldn't understand what was going on. 

Mrs. Pai ran out of the bedroom, grabbed her mobile and dialed her mom. With tears in her eyes, she said " Maa! The baby kicked me the first time tonight." 

As she shared this with her Mom, her hands were on her tummy caressing; as if she was actually caressing the baby in the womb. 

And this is how Mrs. Pai celebrated after she was first Kicked!